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Bleeding Time – New Song Nooner

Bleeding Time – New Song Nooner

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They say that we are all In the same boat Looking around, I don’t see nobody But me, myself, and I Maybe it’s not the same boat But the very same ocean If you’re in this ocean too Brother, I pity you I am lying on the deck Bleeding out time Stretched too thin Squeezed too tight I wonder when I am Bruised and battered Without an anchor All we have for sure is time I’m watching mine bleed away Stuck in the same storm For nigh on six weeks Tossed and turned and pitched about And pitched about again When it all seems over I look up at the soggy stars And near as I can tell I’m stuck right here Right where I had began I found myself stuck Inside a duldrum Not a wind, a breezed, or a seagulls fart To move the sail I thought I’d be stuck here For all eternity I was racing fast To the very edge of the map Up and down on the waves It’s a natural motion No matter how steep or severe It’s something you can count on I’ve been jerked about In and out and sideways Noting natural here On which I can rely Even though we are tossed about Just trying to hang on We got no ritual, no routine No port in the storm I look up at the sky The stars still shine I am confident we will find Our way again #newsongnooner #newsong #songwriter #songwriting #songwritingsession #folksongwriter #singersongwriter #ukulele #timeflies #timewarp #whenami

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When are we??

I heard someone, referencing this period in the history of the world, say they felt they were bleeding time. Every second is creeping by at a snail’s pace. At the same time, each day is ticking by in the blink of an eye. Time is not following the rules. We are all laying around and bleeding out time.

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