This is Brother Jack’s morning show.  It’s a song and a smile. 
There is usually a long story about something random because 
that’s how I ramble. Mostly, it’s about the coffee and 
the fantastic community that always shows up.  Set an alarm, 
put on a pot of coffee and join us for Breakfast with Brother Jack. 

All the old episodes:

Season 4: At this point, I’ve got a fairly good grasp on how to make a show happen. This doesn’t mean it all goes smoothly.

Season 4

Season 3: We started using a new setup. The audio is better but it took a couple episodes before the sound matched the moving mouth.

Season 3

Season 2: This is when we switched to a weekly, Saturday morning format. Also, we adopted a more “professional” camera setup. Every week, right before we went live, a different component of the setup crashed.

Season 2

Season 1: When we started, we were doing a live show most weekday mornings. I learned so much by showing up everyday. The time fluctuated depending on our schedule and there were lots of interruptions and problems but we showed up most days. It was really intense coming up with something to do everyday. The audio and video quality were not great. We did 116 episodes, these are the shows that are still fit for consumption.

Season 1

Season 0: These are a couple of my very first attempts at going live on Facebook. It wasn’t breakfast time and I had no clue what I was doing.

Pre-Breakfast, early attempts