Banjo Love

Released March 28, 2011

I wrote and recorded this five song project over a weekend, I think it was March 2011.  I was learning how to play my first tenor banjo.  It’s “vintage,” which means it is old and still playable but also temperamental and the sound is not real pretty.  The frets are not quite right and learning how to coax sound out of that beast does not mean you have learned to play the banjo.  “Palms of Victory” is a traditional song and “Love is a Martyr” is a cover of a song by my friend Jerome.  The other three I wrote during the weekend when I recorded the whole thing.  It was a quick, dirty, lo-fi kind of project.  It happened at a time when I couldn’t figure out who I was as an artist.  It was a good way to try and get my groove back. It was a fun project.