Mr. Malarkey

Mrs. Brother Jack is super crafty. I am an “artist” by trade but her artistic abilities are far superior to mine. I have a love of words and I am able to hum a tune, but mostly I am blowing hot air.

Mrs. Brother Jack was working on a project last weekend. She was making Saint Patrick’s Day shirts for the whole family. She recently got a vinyl cutter and has been going nuts making shirts for everybody. It is a pretty cool hobby. She made me a shirt with my new logo and it also said, “Mr. Malarkey.” It looked so cool. I realized that I didn’t know the meaning of the word malarkey. It feels like a common word but I wasn’t sure how to properly use it in a sentence. I bet you don’t know what it means, either.

malarkey: meaningless talk or nonsense

Yup, that’s me. I am Mr. Malarkey.

For our breakfast show, we are running with the Mr. Malarkey theme for the entire month of March. We are telling stories and singing Irish songs. I like this new character. Mrs. Brother Jack is going to make some shirts that we will give away to the first ten people to throw at least $20 in our digital tip jar. This will really help the show and Mr. Malarkey is a fun change.

When you are training to be a world-famous folk music legend, they tell you the most important thing is to be authentic. I guess that I hide behind the mask of Brother Jack. Now, I am hiding behind Brother Jack who is hiding behind Mr. Malarkey. This could get confusing for even the most highly trained Freuaidan analyst. I assure you that Brother Jack and Mr. Malarkey are both authentic versions of myself. This is who I am. I have never felt more authentic as a performer than I did the first time I stumbled into the Brother Jack role. Mr. Malarkey feels like a minor variation of that same theme. He is a little bit sloppier, a little more full of crap, but mostly that’s just another part of me.

Is it weird that I perform in character? Is is possible to be an authentic performer? Isn’t every person almost constantly in character? Do you want a Mr. Malarkey T-shirt?