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Nostalgic – New Song Nooner

Nostalgic – New Song Nooner

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Today’s New Song Nooner is a two-chord-wonder about feeling sentimental. We all know that feeling right now. Remember that place down on fourth street We used to go in for a slice after work The guy there, I think his name was Joe, I really can’t remember He used to spin the pizza up there on the tip of his finger I was in town the other day I thought I would stop in I tell you, it’s not the same But it’s still the same It looks the same But it will never be the same Did you hear about old Scotty Boy, that guy, that guy liked to have some fun I don’t know how it went bad He got wrapped up in some stuff he couldn’t handle It all went south, now he’s living with his mom I couldn’t believe it Never thought it would happen to that guy I stopped in to see him right after it happened He was still the same old guy Still the same He’s not really the same Somehow the same He’s never really going to be the same It’s good to talk to you, I guess it’s been a while How’s your wife, how’s the kids, and how’s that job Did you talk to anybody else Yeah, I don’t really talk to anybody, anymore Me? You know me I’m doing good, I never change I stay the same I think I’m the same I’m still the same Somehow, maybe the same I’m still the same Not really the same I stay the same Not the same at all I stay the same Nothing stays the same #nostalgia #theolddays #favoritepizzaplace #songwriter #songwriting #singersongwriter #newsong #newsongnooner #folkmusic #twochords #ukulele

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Where is the place that meant so much and you know will never be the same?

We all have that special place where we made so many important memories. It’s where we learned who we are and spent much time figuring things out. It’s an integral part of our identity. We can be away for a period of time and we find out that even though it is still the same place, it will never be the same place.

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