Brother Jack’s Soapbox

This is Brother Jack talking about all things related to what he does. We talk about folk music, songwriting, being a creative, and drinking coffee.

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1.34 Chicken Skin Shake Brother Jack’s Soapbox

Mrs Brother Jack was making fun of my smooth dance moves. She said, “what is that, the chicken skin shake?” So I wrote a song about my fancy moves and prepared for it to become the latest dance sensation. I know that it will never be as awesome as the Hokey Pokey but I am proud of this new song. In this episode, you will hear the original demo version of the song and a songwriter session breaking down the writing. This episode also features an exclusive listen of an alternative studio version of the song. Grab some elbow room and get ready for some dancing. You are going to love the Chicken Skin Shake! — Support this podcast: Support this podcast at —
  1. 1.34 Chicken Skin Shake
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  5. 1.30 Getting Started 2.6 – Limitations